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Visualization of PyCon 2014 proposals


Few days back I saw @shrayasr tweet about the number of proposals for PyCon India 2014 and his solution to help filter the proposals.

I thought to assist the attendees and the organizers further by creating visualizaiton of the proposals submitted on the Funnel to get to know better about the variety of topics. The visualization was created with d3js.

See the Pen pycon_pie by Arunkumar Dharuman (@arundhaj) on CodePen.

See the Pen pycon_sunburst by Arunkumar Dharuman (@arundhaj) on CodePen.

See the Pen pycon_topics_bar by Arunkumar Dharuman (@arundhaj) on CodePen.

I've scrapped the data from the funnel on 9th July and is available on my site, if anyone interested to create some more awesome visualization are free to use it.

Hope you find it useful.

Update(19/07/2014): It now fetches live data from the funnel through the JSON endpoint. Thanks Shrayas for letting me know.

Update(21/07/2014): Added scatter plot to show the confirmation status of the topics vs votes received.

See the Pen pycon_scatter by Arunkumar Dharuman (@arundhaj) on CodePen.