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Python Pipenv quick start guide for managing packages and virtualenv


In this video I'm going to show you how to start using pipenv for your python projects.

Pipenv is a packaging tool which automatically creates and manages virtualenv and packages.

# To create a new virtual environment
$ mkdir pipenv-demo && cd pipenv-demo
$ pipenv shell
(venv) $ cat Pipfile

# To install a package and add to Pipfile
(venv) $ pipenv install flask

# To install a dev package
(venv) $ pipenv install pytest --dev

# To install all packages from Pipfile
(venv) $ pipenv install

# To install all packages including dev-packages
(venv) $ pipenv install --dev

# To show the dependency graph
(venv) $ pipenv graph

# To uninstall a package and remove from Pipfile
(venv) $ pipenv uninstall pytest

Hope this helps!