all that is technology

Productivity is about Product


I have read an article which was contradicting the myth against fact.

It is generally believed that; Productivity of a developer is said to increase by reducing the development time using all possible tools and techniques. The clarifies that it is bound to fail at some situations.

  • Sometimes spending less time for a task is not the best thing for the task.
  • Just because you can use a control in the designer that does what you need (as well as everything else) doesn’t mean you should use it.
  • If taking up a new technology seems like a bad idea just because it has learning curve then maybe your priorities need readjustment.
  • Sustainable productivity is the only productivity that matters.

The main goal as a developer is to create something great. This doesn’t always mean the easy or more familiar route. Sometimes it means the slow more complicated route or trying something new. Deciding the right tool for the job, really comes down to whether the product in productivity has something to gain.