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Take Ownership or Give Ownership


We should Take Ownership, that is how we could bring the best in the work we do. We take ownership of a work due to the passion over it. The passion gives energy and we take pride in getting it done. When we don’t have passion on the work, we tend to deny ownership.

Taking ownership isn’t the same as taking responsibility. Taking responsibility is just the act of accepting a task and reporting back on completion. But taking ownership defines how we execute that task.

In my home, I take ownership in whatsoever work I do. Could it possibly happen in a corporate/team? In a corporate/team, one cannot take ownership, however it has to be given and it has to be defined. If it didn’t happen, it would lead to chaos.

Giving ownership is just how much we are open and transparent about the work we are assigning. If we don’t give ownership it is really hard to get it done. In a successful team, we could see the perfect blend of Giving ownership and Taking ownership.

Its all about Giving Ownership.