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Using SQLAlchemy Expression for Partial JSON Update


In this article, I'll show how to partially update JSON column using SQLAlchemy expressions in MySQL database.

Say, we have a table named TableName with a JSON column named JsonColumn and the values in this JSON column is in the following format;

    "JsonAttribute": 5,
    "AnotherJsonAttribute": "Hello"

SQL statement to update a single JSON attribute is as below;

UPDATE TableName SET JsonColumn = JSON_SET(JsonColumn, '$.JsonAttribute', 10) WHERE Id = 100;

Converting the above SQL statement to the corresponding SQLAlchemy expression is as below;

from sqlalchemy import update, func

table_name_id = 100
json_attribute_value = 10

update_sql = update(TableName).values(
    JsonColumn=func.json_set(TableName.JsonColumn, '$.JsonAttribute', json_attribute_value)).\
    where(TableName.Id == table_name_id)

result = db.session.execute(update_sql)

For running a bulk update on the array of dicts using WHERE condition.

from sqlalchemy import update, func, bindparam

update_data = [{
    '_Id': 100,
    'Value': 10
}, {
    '_Id': 101,
    'Value': 11
}, {
    '_Id': 102,
    'Value': 12

update_sql = update(TableName).values(
    JsonColumn=func.json_set(TableName.JsonColumn, '$.JsonAttribute', bindparam('Value'))).\
    where(TableName.Id == bindparam('_Id'))

result = db.session.execute(update_sql, update_data)

Hope this helps!