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Productive in home


All the time I used to wonder how people spend time working in home without distractions. The work I mentioned here is not the office work, however I was trying to study and do some hobby projects. Basically they are the personal work other than mails and social networking which I try to do with my laptop. I made a try by myself, but ended without any fruitful results. Then I made a research in internet to gather some tips from the people who work productively in home.

By reading those articles and tips, I realized that all the way I tried is actually the way one shouldn’t be doing. I used to work from my bed which is the first worst step to work at home. Like this, most of the steps I followed were not recommended by many people. With reference to all those articles, I compiled my list of things which I lack and the area I should put focus on improving them.

  • Set up a better office space, a good table and chair would suffice. Never ever work on bed.
  • Make a plan before booting the laptop.
  • Don’t start with browsing emails and social networking sites.
  • Allocate time to chats, after that logout immediately. Don’t stay online forever.
  • It doesn’t mean that, we should completely keep away from family and friends. After all family and friends is our top priority in home. However keep them informed about your schedule.
  • Don’t work all the time in home. Spend time with family and friends.