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Foss tools I use


For long time I used to talk about open source. A question stroke, about the open source softwares I use. I collected the list of softwares I use in Windows environment apart from the softwares I use in Ubuntu. Here it goes:

  • Open - an excellent office productivity tools which has writer, calc, impress and more... and now I'm migrating to LibreOffice.
  • GIMP - a professional quality image manipulation tool.
  • WinMerge - file comparision and merge tool.
  • Firefox - browser, apart from this I widely use Google chrome.
  • Notepad++ - a rich functionality, light-weight editor.
  • StarUML - UML design tool
  • OpenProj - project management tool
  • Apache HTTP server and Tomcat - production webservers
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL - relational database
  • TortoiseSVN - versioning tool.
  • VLC media player - media player which runs almost all formats
  • CamStudio - for screen recording.

Quite an impressive list. Still I'm widely looking at all possible options to use FOSS tools and improve this list. I'm proud to use FOSS tools and develop the FOSS community.