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Custom style and script as plugin


My first ever wordpress plugin my-script-style. After migrating my blog to wordpress, I wanted to include my own stylesheet and script files to do customization. There were many references online to put the files into the theme folder and edit the header.php to include them. However, I found that might not be a best practice as my files are independent of theme, and by doing so, I have to repeat this step every time I change my theme. I even found few on-the-shelf plugin's to do that.

Later, I decided to develop the plugin by my own, so that, I could get my hands wet on wordpress plugin's development. And I succeeded in this attempt. Source code could be found on GitHub. The advantage of this approach is, the plugin could be used irrespective of any theme.

This initial version just includes the css style sheets. I'm planning to enhance to support script files too.