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Consistency over heroism


I’m sure everyone would remember their full-night studies in college for the exams next day. Whats more more surprising is to see the results come out with flying colors by clearing the papers and even getting good scores. This would make us feel heroic on achieving a target with ease, while many others slog for the entire semester.

It makes us to wonder if the same technique could ever be possibly applied to our professional work too!!! Like, one full-night development a day before the deadline and bang, the application is released. A question that riddles me is that whether the application released like this is worth a release? Whats that make the exams and releases different? What is that evaluated in exams and that in applications?

Application does have different factors to be considered for evaluation. These factors are generally not unique for two different applications. This is because the desire differs from one customer to the other. What is considered obvious by one customer might not be even consider as a feature by the other. Of these many factors I see one factor common across all kinds of projects/service, yet very important one, the Communication Factor. Communication, I refer here is not a bullet-point in the feature list of the project; it is the one which directs the project.

Say a customer thinks a feature is as easier as graining a stone, however the actuals might be as hard as graining a mountain. If proper communication is established and by the deadline if the team has grained just 50% of the mountain would still keep the customer satisfied rather than with no proper communication and slogging many nights managing to grain 95% of the mountain would still dissatisfy the customer.

Being said that, would the heroic way of working would possibly ever satisfy a customer? Heroic way would give many last-minute surprises to the customers and it would definitly let them down. To satisfy, it is required to be consistent. Consistent in communication, consistent in delivery and consistent in everything for the entire project life cycle. This directly sets an example of a famous saying, "Results matters, efforts doesn't". We should learn to be smart enough to achieve results with less efforts.

P.S: All numbers mentioned here are to help understand and doesn't reflect actuals.